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Maximising your content

But, unless you employ a full time social media or content marketing specialist on your team - how do you find time to create content at this level on a monthly basis - let alone weekly? Also, your clients and customers will want to choose from different options to engage such as video, audio, text or image based content.

The multiplier effect.

Let’s imagine that right now, your content marketing strategy consists of publishing an article to your blog once a month. That gives you a total of 12 points of contact or opportunities for your audience to engage with your message and material.

Instead of only creating a written blog post, let’s say that you find a way to create a blog post, an audio recording, and a video for each item of content.

Instead of 12 pieces of content, you now have 36 pieces of content that your audience can engage with.

Let’s now imagine that you publish your different forms of content and distribute them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,  Instagram,  Google Plus, LinkedIn, Soundcloud and your blog.

So instead of the initial 36 points of contact, you have now created 288 opportunities for your audience to engage with your message.

By following this strategy you could increase your audience reach by at least 90 fold and this is possible if you were to take all 3 suggestions for different types of content such as a blog post, a video and an audio and increase your posting frequency to once a week.

This means you’ll be producing 4 times as much content which in combination with publishing to 8 platforms means you will now have 1152 points of contact helping to convey your message to your audience. This works out to be a massive increase in engagement by 96 times.  However, you might not have the time or the desire to do all this. So onto solution number 5.

The ‘Ranking’ Problem

These days, ranking websites on page one of Google is becoming more and more difficult. The old tricks and tactics no longer seem to work and many of the leading SEO agencies have dropped the term SEO from their brand name or identity. The rules have changed forever.

Even if your website is currently ranking well on Google, Google is not necessarily the first or only choice for people looking for the type of services or products you are offering. There are many other online destinations where your clients or customers prefer to spend their time.

Solution 1. To be seen and heard you have to go where ‘the people go’, publishing content that is tailored for each platform.

Catching your clients’ attention

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and that’s partly because we are systematically and progressively being re-wired to expect answers to our questions in double quick time. Just look at smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home and how they deliver on requests made just by asking!

With shortening attention spans and many people integrating travel time into their prime working time, the convenience of online video is without question the number one engagement medium. With a one minute video being equivalent to 1.8 million words according to Forrester you can see why video marketing is soaking up 64% of marketing budgets according to Forbes, and adding a video to your home page increases your chance of a page one ranking on Google by 53%.

But video is not the only medium to deliver your marketing message. Some people prefer reading or listening to content.

Solution 2.  Create content in different mediums that meets the needs of the many - Multicasting.

Social broadcasting

How do you know where to post your content for maximum exposure and therefore maximum effect? Get this one wrong and everything becomes a waste of time and effort.

At the very least, you should post content on You Tube and a minimum of two other platforms, depending on your particular industry or profession. There are platforms that are either rising stars or where your competition has yet to wake up to their potential marketing and SEO reach. These are Instagram. LinkedIn, Google + and Soundcloud. Posting to these and any other new social media platforms will raise your online reach exponentially.

Solution 3. Post wide and far and take advantage of new platforms and those yet to be fully exploited.

Making your voice heard

How often should you post content. Many people think that posting content once a month is a sound strategy. Social media feeds are dynamic, momentary and if you are not in the feeds of your followers, you will fail to create rapport and build trust. If you do not regularly appear in people’s personal information feeds then you simply won’t be heard. Your message won’t get through and you won’t be able to connect with your audience.

Solution 4. The ONLY way to appear in people’s feeds is to publish content frequently. This means at least weekly.


Multicasting is the process where we create one piece of base content and format it into a video, an audio and a blog post or article that can be posted on a forum. We then publish the content in accordance with the plan you choose. See below.

Multicasting content ensures the widest possible reach for your content. Using the multiplier effect, this can increase your points of contact by 90 times or more!


Engagement - Authority - SEO

Take a look at the key features and benefits available.

This service allows you to be seen as truly engaged and trustworthy by your market

Your marketing message can be delivered to the platforms of your choice and at the frequency of your choice building brand authority - a powerful seo metric

Multicasting allows you to take care of the needs of those who like to watch, listen or read - all bases covered

Our professional copywriters compose topical and unique articles that will also form the basis of the script for your video and your audio versions

Your article/s will be approximately 500 words  which, is ideal for your blog, website or a forum of your choice

A 2 to 3 minute video and additional audio version narrated by a professional voice over artist - choose male or female or if you prefer - no narration on the video

On screen text to reinforce your message - see example

Secondary reading path highlighted in bold to increase retention and allow surface skimming -see example

Generic royalty and copyright free images to add visual context to the subject

Your logo and strap line at the beginning of your video

An appropriate backing track

A gentle but persuasive call to action at the end of your video

Your business name and location narrated into the video and audio versions

Uploaded to You Tube for ease of viewing on mobile and non mobile devices

Embed code sent to you so you can add your videos to your website or blog and a link to include in your email marketing

We will create social media posts appropriate to the platforms we are posting to under our Business plan.

As an optional extra we can use our suite of seo tools to conduct competition analysis and keyword research to find valuable keywords that can be added to your articles and videos to help raise their visibility in search and increase your online reach. POA.

The following 3 mediums show examples that could be used for a Law firm and demonstrates the powerful impact of multicasting.


The video will be optimised and uploaded for maximum viewer engagement and added seo benefit. *

The audio is ideal for those travelling or where watching a video or reading is inconvenient.

For the those who prefer to read. Click on the left icon for the transcript from the video and audio. Or the right icon to see an example of a longer article again suitable for Lawyers.


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1 Article per month

1 video per month

1 Audio per month


Articles sent to you to post as you wish

Videos uploaded to YouTube by us and sent to you to use as you wish

Audio files sent to you

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2 Articles per month

2 Videos per month

2 Audio’s per month


Articles sent to you to post as you wish

Videos uploaded to YouTube by us and sent to you to use as you wish

Audio files sent to you

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4 Articles per month

4 Videos per month

4 Audio's per month


Videos uploaded to




  Google +



Plus sent to you to use as you wish

Articles posted to

Google +




Plus sent to you to use as you wish

 Audio’s uploaded to Soundcloud

and sent to you to upload as you wish

All plans are monthly paid and you can cancel anytime as long as you provide us with 30 days notice so we can complete any work we are carrying out for you.

* The example video presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


We address 5 main concerns with solutions that can also increase audience reach by 96 fold.