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The beauty of this product is in it’s simplicity - it’s an ‘all in one’ solution to content marketing that can add real value to your business or for your clients and marketers now agree that video content is the new seo”

Anthony - owner of Bluesky Multimedia

Record your voice

Add  images and video

Add your script or article and the software will create slides for you. Then you can simply read and record what you see.

You can add background music from the on board music library or add a voice over from a service like Fiverr if you want to create a particular feel.

Or, you can have a music only video.

Simply upload your images or video that you want to include in your production or search the massive in built royalty free library to find the perfect images that will help tell your story.

You can switch the text to ‘hide or show’ on any slide and you can choose from a range of themed video templates or create your very own branded theme from within the software.

Every step of the way is simply laid out - no complicated messing around with video codecs or editing.

Once you’ve reviewed your master piece - just hit the ‘generate’ video button and then download.

You can then add your video to your website, blog or upload to YouTube or send over the video file for your clients to use in their online marketing.

Review and download your video

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And did you know…

* Adding a  video to your website  can improve your chance of a page one ranking on Google by 53 times

* 70% of all online content is predicted to be video content by 2017

* There is 64% more chance that a visitor to your site will follow a call to action after watching your video

* At least 65% of viewers watch at least ¾ of a video

* 70% of online marketers say that video out performs other types of online marketing content

* Video is 10 times more likely to be shared than blog or related social media posts

* You can optimise your video to drive traffic to your website, blog, affiliate offers

* Include links to your video in emails and add the word ‘video’ into the subject line helps improve email open rates

* 1 minute of video is said to be worth 1.8 million words - makes video a quick and easy way to access information

* By partnering with YouTube and allowing them to place ads in your videos you can earn a valuable income

In a nutshell…

Content Samurai is very powerful video marketing and traffic generation software that allows you to create incredible content videos (in under 15 minutes) that can generate millions of views, killer search engine rankings and torrents of online traffic…

Not only does this allow you to easily maximise the awesome power of video content marketing - it can actually have a positive effect on the search engine rankings of yours or your clients websites!

And... As a BONUS, the videos you create can generate AUTOPILOT INCOME as seen in the video above.

In other words - everything you need to cash in on the video explosion…

In fact... it’s actually one of those extremely rare tools that NOT ONLY has the ability to pay for itself time after time...but has also been PROVEN to be able to pay you back with interest just like clockwork...

And with GOOGLE doing the paying...!

Remember… you don’t need any editing experience to make stunning and attention grabbing videos that are proven to take passive viewers to buyers.


Q: Am I locked into any long term subscription?

A: Nope, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime and without penalty

Q: How well is the product supported?

A: Support is only an email away and the guys behind Content Samurai provide great training through the Knowledge base plus Webinar updates and are frequently coming up with strategies to help you make the most out of your opportunities with this product.

Q: Do I have to download software or is it cloud based?

A: Nothing to download - it’s cloud based.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, within the first 30 days from your first monthly subscription.

If you subscribe through our affiliate link today - we will send you a valuable bonus ‘cheat sheet’ on how to help optimise your videos to outrank your competitors in YouTube!

Just send a copy of your PayPal receipt after subscribing to Content Samurai to us at support@blueskymultimedia.co.uk and we will email your bonus cheat sheet.

As well as helping to improve the rankings of your website - one of the really exciting benefits of this amazing software is being able to quickly make and optimise your videos to rank in both YouTube and on Google videos.

And.. by allowing YouTube to place ads’ into your video can even help you earn you a healthy passive income too!

This amazing content marketing tool is ideal for creating…

Video sales letters

Product or services reviews

‘How to’ videos

Local business review videos

Home learning video courses*

Converting blog posts into video

Converting articles into video

For you and or your clients!

“This software makes the process of ‘syncing’ all the elements for perfect timing a breeze”

Simple steps and no previous experience necessary

Content Samurai uses intelligent processing technology that simplifies all of the labourious tasks normally associated with video creation.

It really does make the whole process of creating products, services or ‘how to’ videos a joy!

*Perfect for creating online home learning courses for platforms like Udemy!




Here’s a reminder of some of the ways you can use this amazing software…

* Create videos from blog posts, leaflets or articles - see video above for how easy it is

* Create ‘how to’ or review videos and upload them to YouTube and make money from YouTube ads

* Create videos for your clients and get paid

*Create product reviews that link back to your products or services or those of your clients

AND plenty, plenty more ways to make money from this software….Ideal for Content marketers,

Sales trainers, Coaches, Online course creators, Web designers, Copywriters and Affiliates and… any business who needs to create online content and boost your SEO quickly and easily!

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>>>> Click here to lock in your life time discount now

Make sure you check your email for your login details

>>>> Click here to lock in your life time discount now

Make sure you check your email for your login details

>>>> Click here to lock in your life time discount now

Make sure you check your email for your login details





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