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Up till now you may have been relying upon the ‘wrong kind’ of information in trying to get your website highly visible in search. Information that was originally genuinely intended to help your online efforts - but so far has produced some fairly lack lustre results.

So imagine what could happen if you had access to the ‘right kind’ of Information? That is precisely what our keyword research services are all about.

Information that accurately pin points key factors such as the levels of daily search, the number of ‘optimised’ competitors and your percentage chance of success or failure in any given market.

Information that could save you masses of time, effort, money and tedious trial and error.

Information on which markets to avoid but instead concentrate on the ones where you can succeed plus much more.

‘Remember your online success is in direct proportion to the marketing intelligence you choose to rely upon’.

Talk to us about keyword research and discover the saving of time and effort we can make.

It’s all in the Intelligence…

Your online success is in direct proportion to the marketing intelligence you choose to rely upon.

Even with the best keywords in the world - you could still miss your target market by a mile. As they say ‘knowledge is power’ but we prefer to suggest that it’s the application of knowledge where the real power resides.

You may have noticed in the search results the various snippets of information provided by the search engines. They normally comprise of a web page’s title, the URL and the page description. Each of these can be optimised to maximum effect for the benefit of both search engines and visitors alike.

This is where you’ll find the application of (keyword) knowledge invaluable.

However, there is also a number of other key factors that can have a major impact on how well your website will rank.

This requires a look under the hood - so to speak to find out what is working and what needs attention.

Once again it’s the practical application of the knowledge that’s going to make the real difference.

Ask about our seo overview service - we can show you simple and easy to apply remedies that combined with the keyword research will sharpen your online focus so you can hit your target market with laser like precision.

If you feel like doing this yourself using the same tool we use click here!

Step two - seo overview

Every piece of written or video content ought to start with keyword research to ensure you hit your target market with laser like precision.

Step one - keyword research

Video marketing

Videos with keywords threaded into the script are essential if you want your video to rank and stand out on YouTube and other search engines.

Website copy

Without the right keywords threaded into your content and placed in all the appropriate meta tag areas - you ‘re in danger of missing your target market by a long shot.

Social media content and blogs

Content is King in the crowded digital market place. So make sure you stand out by creating your social media and blog posts using the keywords known to have value.