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* The example video presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


* The example video presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


*If you are providing the base article/s - the price reduces by £45.00 in both cases. work we are carrying out for you.

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Monthly Article - approx 500 words

Monthly Video - between 2 - 3 minutes

Monthly Audio  - between 2-3 minutes


Articles in .pdf format

Audio’s in .mp3 format

Videos .mp4 uploaded to YouTube by us

Plus all content sent to you to use where you wish

All optional extras are available

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1 Article - approx 500 words

1 Video - between 2-3 minutes

1 Audio - between 2-3 minutes


Article in .pdf format

Audio in .mp3 format

Video .mp4 uploaded to YouTube by us

Plus all content sent to you to use where you wish

All optional extras are available

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Contact us





Un-branded videos, advert and free from ‘related’ You Tube videos (see our example above) Video hosted on our smooth streaming content delivery network.

Additional social media posting service. We can post your videos, audio’s and articles to your preferred social media platforms.

Longer articles, audio’s and videos available by request.

International or regional voice over accents subject to availability.

For those who prefer to listen  - mp3 audio version

And for those who prefer to read - an article


This service is ideal for…

Lawyers, Accountants, IFA’s, Mortgage Specialists, IT Specialists, Renewable Energy Sales, Cyber Security Providers, Investment Managers, Medical Sales, Health and Fitness, Nutritionists, Personal Development Councillors, Insurance Providers, HR Consultants, Content Marketers…any business that needs to be seen, be heard and understands the necessity of a social media presence.

Don’t see your profession or business on the list or have special requirements not featured on this page? Contact us.


It takes specialist skills to build the professional image and loyal customer relationships that are necessary in the engagement and sales process.

And for this reason it is vital that your social media profiles reflect high value and professionalism and equally importantly - a consistent commitment to keeping your profiles up to date. There is nothing more off putting than seeing profiles which are neglected and where the content is clearly out of date.

However, we understand that social media management can take up a lot of valuable time. This is where we can help…

We have highly skilled professional sales, marketing and social media copywriters on the team who know exactly how to craft eye catching content designed for maximum engagement and building trust in your brand.

With combined experience spanning many years, we’ve worked for clients from a multitude of business backgrounds and from many different countries.

Creates brand awareness

Improves your online visibility

Builds rapport and empathy with your market

Increases online sales and bookings

Transcends multiple regions - vital in some cultures

Creates a  personal touch to the business

Opens up new markets

Establishes you as an authority in your market

Sends positive signals to the search engines

Amplifies your sales message and ‘tone of voice’

Provides social proof and endorsement

Creating a strong social media presence can help with all of the following…

Key features and benefits:

Your video will have a personalised and eye catching intro logo to encourage engagement. See example above.

Video script is taken from the base article/s we create or you supply.

Choice of male or female narrator, no - narration (video). Or regional voice over. See options below.

The videos include contextual images and background tracks.

On screen text to enhance content retention.

A emboldened secondary reading path (highlighting key words) A proven psychological lever and aids skim reading.

Calls to action and your business name is included in the narration.

We include uploading your video to You Tube and automatically post to Google+ and Twitter to increase your online reach.

Your can simply and easily add all or any of the 3 pieces of content to your blog, website or both…

You will have a link (URL) to your video to include in emails you send to your subscribers.

Audio track is supplied in mp3 format.

You can upload your audio/s to your Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes podcast account, or find out about our social media posting service as an option.


Your content will include video, audio and text based content. Perfect for adding to your website, blog, distribute directly via email, post on social media and keeping your clients in the loop to the latest developments.

Video is now the number one online engagement tool and it forms the cornerstone of our service.

But we also cater for those who prefer to read or just listen - see example below.