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If you rely on introducers, members or distributors, then you will understand the importance of keeping them up to date with key information

The problem up till now has been finding an alternative to those tedious newsletters that rarely make it to the top of the reading list. See below for the solution….


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Now take a look at the Key Features and Benefits of the Video News Monthly service

Video Monthly News is delivered in 3 formats - video, audio only and as a PDF - all easily accessed from desktop, tablets and smart phones…

You have full control over the content for your video news…

That way you can be confident that your news is always relevant, topical and compliant

Too busy to create you own content?

We can work from your bullet points to create a polished script ready for your approval

High quality engaging videos complete with your logo, a call to action and produced in ‘easy streaming’ .mp4 format.

Increases your brand recognition and ensures your network keeps up to speed with market news, sales angles and compliance. We also have ideas on hosting your videos - so read on…

Audio version can form a series of podcasts

Opens up a whole new level of engagement - making the best use of travel time

Produced monthly…

Frequency is the key and your network will look forward  to receiving their regular copy of Video News Monthly. By providing a much needed service; will increase both sales and loyalty in your brand

Choice of male or female news readers…

Narration improves learning and increases retention

Regional news readers available by request (POA)…

Help give your video a ‘local’ feel

Video includes ‘on screen’ text…

Reading whilst listening  delivers up to a 70% information retention rate

A secondary reading path  - highlighting key words…

Proven to increase retention and responses to calls to action

No contract tying you in to this service…

You can choose to leave anytime with just 30 days notice

Read on to see how Video News Monthly can help grow sales and be used as a powerful prospecting tool to attract more introducers/distributors….

We will send you the mp4 video files, the audio and PDF files…

This allows you to use your content in any way you wish - for example…

Upload your videos to your social media platforms…

Likes, shares and social proof will help build a greater reach and connection to more business introducers or distributors

Add your videos to your website or blog…

Adding your videos to your your website or blog will turn static pages into dynamic content, increase engagement and reduce ‘bounce’ which is where people leave your site quickly…that can adversely affect your rankings

Upload to YouTube/Google Videos…

With the 2 largest search engines working for you and by including links back to your website will increase your online reach and seo

Upload your videos to a video content streaming network such as Wistia, Amazon S3, Vimeo for Business…

You then avoid the attraction of distraction caused by adverts or ‘related videos’ on YouTube and can include a host of personalised options such as links to join your email list - great for prospecting!

Email links to your videos (provided by your chosen video streaming host or YouTube) to your list…

Makes viewing available from any modern device they use for opening emails

If you are stuck for marketing ideas or need help with your scripts or where to host your content…

We are on hand to help and more than pleased to share our knowledge and experience in video and content marketing.

If you prefer, we can email your Video News Monthly directly to your list or create a personalised landing page where your introducers or distributors can access all 3 formats of Video News Monthly. Just ask!

Introducing Video News Monthly…

simply the most convenient way to distribute your news updates.


Sales opportunities for all


Key issues from your industry


Loyalty to your brand