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Social media interaction mainly takes place on mobile devices - up to 92% in the case of Facebook.

This is yet more evidence that mobile devices are overtaking static (non mobile) devices when it comes to users checking in with their social media platforms.

And for many, video has become the number one choice of content accessed from their mobile devices.

This opens up a HUGE marketing opportunity.

And here is why:

Facebook are really committed to video and to help mobile users access video whilst on the move - such as while they are travelling on public transport and often away from wifi hotspots.

To save on users expensive data plan costs - Facebook are experimenting with a method of pre-loading videos (with a small percentage of Android phones) while the phone is still connected to the wifi.

Then, when users are on the move, a lightening bolt icon will appear showing that access to pre-loaded videos without needing to be connected to wifi are available.

Facebook believe this will open up a massive opportunity for businesses to market to their audience in ways that YouTube and others at this moment in time cannot.

Take a look at the video ad that we made for one of our clients and the key features.

1. The images show exactly what is on offer and doesn’t need narration to explain anything.

2. The title text is dominant and tells the viewer what to expect from the ad and that shows up at the top of the post grabbing users attention.

3. Watch with the background music or in silence - either way the message is on target.

4. The video is around 20 seconds - long enough for the time poor, busy and easily distracted people of today!

5. In particular, how your business can gain up to 78% more exposure on mobile devices.


Notice the square video?

Using our software we can create both normal wide screen 16:9 and square 1:1 aspect ratio videos.

The square video uses up 78% more space on a mobile users Facebook news feed than a regular landscape video - hence 78% more exposure for your video ad!

Square videos also work in the same way with Instagram and the new mobile YouTube app will be optimised to play square videos.

Square videos are proven to encourage more likes, shares and engagement.


When adding a video to Facebook, make sure you upload it to your page using their uploader. That way your video and description will appear as it’s meant to rather than a cut down version that appears if you just post a link to your video -such as from You Tube.

The reason?

Quite simply, by doing this will keep users on Facebook rather than jumping across to YouTube - thus providing a better user experience and a way for you to promote your business while keeping eyes locked on to their platform for longer!

So get in touch with us to discuss making a perfectly optimised square video to engage more viewers and drive more business from the swelling ranks of mobile users.